Digital journalism has a problem.

Network advertising isn’t paying the bills.

Local advertisers are being wooed away by Facebook.

Paywalls, surveywalls, and popups are driving away loyal users.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Your local and niche audiences hold enormous value.

Let us show you how to unlock that value

1. Build individual data profiles for your users

“Users” are real, distinct people.  To serve them better, we first have to recognize and understand their unique preferences.

2. Enrich user data by asking questions

Poll widgets are everywhere. But they’re only worth their salt if they integrate with your user data in meaningful ways.

3. Use that data to improve the user experience

Enrich each user’s experience by serving tailored recommendations and news alerts for almost any topic.

4. Use that data to make your team smarter

Beautiful analytics can’t inform decisions if they’re never seen. We embed your data insights in every article for your content and sales teams.

5. Use that data to increase revenue

Offer your advertisers audiences they can’t get anywhere else, along with native and interactive ads that see 10X more engagement than Facebook or display ads.

And the best part? We pay you.

We work with engagement-driven advertisers to bring you sponsored polls and native ads on a revenue-share basis.  Audience & content tools are free to qualifying partners.

Happy users.  Happy advertisers.  Happy publishers.

Let us make you happy.
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